A musical portrait, what is it?



   The artist will freely improvise with his instrument while he will take his inspiration from you sitting infront of him! One could say that your energy or soul, depending on which concept you prefer, would leave a print, a trace of sound.

A connection is emerging between the muse and the musician.


     All is happening in the moment, and no expectation can be projected on the results.

But I promise and engage myself to give always a 100% of my entier presence and concentration while taking your portrait.

     There won't be any repetitions, it is a one take record!



How do you get your portrait?



     I am using a high quality record tool to get a clean and good sounding record on mp3 or WAVE.


     You can get the portrait on a USB key, or I'll send it by mail!

You are alowed to use this record for your privat use.

It should not be used for commercial needs!



What can you do with  it?



Try it as:

              -  your personal ringsound

              -  a blog-djingle

              -  put it into your playlists

                 and listen sometimes to it  ?

If you like it, ask me for a whole song I can compose for you out of this idea !



Hear your own sound !



     I got his idea out of my two passions, the music and the human spirit. Fascinated by the psychological aspect of the being, I try to capter a part of to the volatil aspect of the spirit . ou might experience this as a enrichement on your path of developping yourself?  Maybe you will have a nice, joyful diverting moment? In anyway you will live a unique moment you will never forget !


      I got a lot of feedback, telling they where touched and happy living this experience.






You might be surprised how much the music portrait  will tell about you !!!






You need some animation for your:




- Wedding,

- Vernissage,

- Festival,

- Business-Party


- Retireparty





or find me having my stand at:



Music-Festivals  &  Expositions


 Germany, France, Holland

or Belgium













Adresse and price-list on demand !



Get your personal portrait in BERLIN - KREUZBERG or on SKYPE "samus00"